About us

Essentials the label was born in the midst of the pandemic. With borders closed, designing and creating underwear in breathable and natural material, turned from a hobby into a conscious business.
We use eco-sustainable fabrics and natural plant dyes in our underwear collection. We are committed to be transparent, fair and eco-conscious. The underwear fabric is from LENZING™ Austria and we source the fabrics from certified suppliers in Bali. The fabrics are produced in Asia to avoid footprint as much as possible.
We produce and stock limited quantities and are a big believer in slow and conscious fashion. We aim to use recyclable packaging and not generate unnecessary waste in order to limit our environmental impact.
We work with small family owned factories in Bali and pay fair prices to make sure both parties are happy and wanna work in a long term partnership. Each piece of our collections we see as an essential you can wear every day, and it’s easy to travel with and wear to different occasions. We want you to feel feminine, comfortable, and special in our pieces.

Our heart also goes to street dogs in Bali and we do support different projects in Bali to help those incredible but sometimes ignored animals having a good life. We commit 5% of our profit giving back to Bali dogs.


If you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us!


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